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Located in the heart of Perryville, Missouri, we have been proudly serving only the best barbecue, burgers, and ice cream for over seventy years as Perryville's oldest family owned and operated restaurant.


As a young man, Ewald Buchheit enlisted in the U.S. Army as a cook. Once home, he used his newfound skills with his entrepreneurial mind and started his own business. Working meticulously, he created the perfect recipes for barbecue, potato salad, slaw, tartar sauce, relish and much more. He was able to hit the ground running, little did he know, he would soon hire his wife-to-be, Jinny (Queathem). Together, they grew the business and pursued many avenues, including a horse drawn ice cream wagon and a donut shop!

They had three children: Bonnie, Terry and Laurie, who were greatly included in the restaurant throughout their childhoods – Terry began working at just age twelve and after high school, the business was passed down to him. He shared in co-ownership with Jinny; later, he too would find that his mother hired his wife-to-be, Dotti.

They also had three children: Sarah, Eric and Elizabeth. Since then, Terry and Dotti have fully taken ownership and have stayed true to the qualities which Ewald began with: great, hometown food made with true hometown love.

Eric and Elizabeth have been happily employed in the company since age fourteen and have plans to follow in their family's footsteps while moving the restaurant forward in an ever-advancing age.

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